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1340.105.002 Chrome Lf Metering Pillar Tap 1.5 Gpm L/grid Drain CAT117C,1340.105.002,012611382703,1340105002,10012611382700,green,WATER EFFICIENT,SCF,ASMF,
Price: $114.20

Total available: 54
American Standard
Mfg#: 1340105002
Item #: A1340105002
1340.225.002 Chrome Lf Metering C-set 4", 1.5gpm Vp L/drain CAT117C,1340.225.002,1340.225.002,1340.225.002,012611374678,1340225002,green,WATER EFFICIENT,
Price: $205.11

Total available: 15
American Standard
Mfg#: 1340225002
Item #: A1340225002
1340.265.002 Chrome Lf Metering C-set G-spt 6", 1.5gpm Vp L/dr CATD117C,1340.265.002,12611374616,1340265002,green,WATER EFFICIENT,012611374616,
Price: $120.91

Total available: 8
American Standard
Mfg#: 1340265002
Item #: A1340265002
1340.267.002 Chrome Lf Metering C-set 6" Gn, Vr 0.5 Gpm L/ Dr CATD117C,1340.267.002,012611501166,1340267002,
Price: $128.10

Total available: 1
American Standard
Mfg#: 1340267002
Item #: A1340267002
5500.140.002 Chrome Lf Mont Cset Lever Hdl Less Drain CAT117C,5500,5500CP,5500002,5500140,5500140002,30012611086489,30012611086480,AMLF,012611086489,
Price: $119.57

Total available: 27
American Standard
Mfg#: 5500140002
Item #: A5500140002
5500.170.002 Chrome Lf Mont Cset Wrist Blade Hdl Less Drain CAT117C,5500,5500CP,5500002,5500170,55001700002,5500170002,912611086519,30012611086519,30012611086510,green,WATER EFFICIENT,AS2HL,5400172H002,012611086519,
Price: $134.78

Total available: 65
American Standard
Mfg#: 5500170002
Item #: A5500170002
5500.175.002 Chrome Lf Mont Cset Wrist Blade Hdl L/drn-0.5gpm CAT117C,5500.175.002,012611463594,5500175002,green,WATER EFFICIENT,
Price: $141.30

Total available: 2
American Standard
Mfg#: 5500175002
Item #: A5500175002
5501.140.002 Chrome Lf Mont Cset Lever Hdl Mtl Popup CATD117C,5501.140.002,012611086465,5501140002,green,WATER EFFICIENT,
Price: $80.56

Total available: 1
Mfg#: 5501140002
Item #: A5501140002
6055.105.002 Chrome Lf Selectronic, Dc, Cast Spout, 0.5 Gpm Vp CAT117C,6055.105.002,012611377976,6055105002,green,WATER EFFICIENT,WATERSENSE,
Price: $417.22

Total available: 16
American Standard
Mfg#: 6055105002
Item #: A6055105002
6055.202.002 Chrome Lf Selectronic, Dc, Centerset, 1.5 Gpm Vp CAT117C,6055.202.002,012611378027,012611414329,6055202002,green,WATER EFFICIENT,WATERSENSE,6055,
Price: $456.95

Total available: 12
American Standard
Mfg#: 6055202002
Item #: A6055202002
6055.205.002 Chrome Lf Selectronic, Dc, Centerset, 0.5 Gpm Vp CAT117C,6055.205.002,012611378034,6055205002,green,WATER EFFICIENT,WATERSENSE,STAJD117FV100,SF2350,
Price: $352.93

Total available: 35
American Standard
Mfg#: 6055205002
Item #: A6055205002
6057.163.002 ( D-w-o ) Chrome Lf Selectronic,Mul-ac,6"tub Sp,1.5gpm Vp Lf CATD117FV,6057.163.002,6057163002,green,WATER EFFICIENT,WATERSENSE,605B163002,605B.163.002,PK00MAC,PK00.MAC,012611380501,
Price: $255.33

Total available: 2
Mfg#: 6057163002
Item #: A6057163002

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