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Help for Coburn's Connect App | How to Sign into the app

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Login screen of the App:

Log into the app using your same login information you use for the coburns.com website.

If you have not registered yet, click the Create Account link.

If you forgot your password, click the Reset Password link & follow the instructions.


Connect Your Account Tile:

If you see the 'Connect Your Account' tile once you are in the app, this means your web account is not connected to your Coburn's Account #. 
Open the tile and fill out the form.

Click Here for more information on connected you account.


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Click the images for a larger version.

Main Screen:

The main screen of the app contains the tiles.  Each tile will take the user to a different section of the app


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Click on Menu in the top left corner.

Click on the Edit link in the top right corner to fill out your profile.

You have the options of turning on the Email Alerts & Phone Alerts to receive information from Coburn's.

We encourage our users to also change their phone settings to allow the app to send them Push Notifications.


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Add your to Groups:

Under the Profile section, scroll down to the bottom and click Groups.

Another screen will open that allows you to add yourself to different groups.  Each group will add a new tile to the front screen of your app.  These tiles will have more information such as specials related to that group, links to additional information, etc.

You can add or remove yourself from any group.

How to tell if you are signed in and connected :

On just about every page of the app, look near the top of the screen.  It will let you know which Account # and Branch you are logged in as.

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