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Help for Coburn's Connect App | Order Template

The Order Templates section provides customer's a listing a products for quick ordering & checking price/quantity. A customer can have more than 1 template.

Order Templates are based on a customer's email address login.  If you have any additional users on your account, they will need to set up their own order templates.  They will not have access to templates listed on the main account holder.

If you would like Coburn's to help create Order Templates for you based on items you purchase on a regular basis, please contact your local salesperson or use the e-mail us form.

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  • Order Template Tile
  • List of Saved Order Templates
  • Order Template Details
  • Add item to Order Template

  • Order Template Tile

    Click the image for a larger view.

    Click the Order Template tile, to view a listing of your Order Templates.

    Click the image for a larger view.
    List of Saved Order Templates

    When you open the tile, you will see a listing of your order templates.  On this screen you have the following options:
  • Create a new order template
  • Click the trash can to the right and delete an order template
  • Click the check box next to an order template then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the MOVE TO CART button. This will allow you to move all the items on that order template to the shopping cart.
  • Order Templates Details

    When you click on the title of an order template, you will be taken to the detail page of that order template.  Here you can find:
  • The listing of all the products on that template
  • The option to remove an item from that template. You can click the remove link under the items photo.
  • Product picture, description, price & availability
  • Adding a product to the list by typing the part # in the box
  • Updating the quantity that is defaulted on that order template.  If you change a quantity don't forget to click the 'Update Qtys' button.
  • Adding items to your shopping cart. To add items, click the check box next to each item you want to purchase then click the 'Move All to Cart' button.

  • Click the image for a larger view.

    Click the image for a larger view.
    Add an item to a template

    You can add products to your order templates from any product detail page. Click the MOVE TO ORDER TEMPLATE button. If you already have Order Templates created you can click the drop down option to move that item directly to one of your saved order templates.

    For more information about Order Templates:  Click Here