Historical Photo: Coburn's Truck in the 1930s

Photo credit to the Tyrrell Historical Library. Mary Creamer found this photo while at the library researching the archives for Coburn's history in Beaumont. This was Mr. Coburn's first business location, located at the corner of Wall and Neches Street. It was a wood frame building. You can see a long piece of galvanized pipe attached to the side of the truck and a pipe bender/cutter on the very end of the truck. During this time, downtown Beaumont was a hub of activity. You can see to the right of the photo the Victorian houses that use to be on every block. Sadly all are gone now. Mr. Coburn's plumbing repair shop is now a paved parking lot. The vehicle is a 1927 Dodge converted truck. The photo was taken about 1930.

Don't you love the business slogan "WE ARE EVER ALERT TO SERVE".

And what about that phone # 4210!

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