Women in Industry's Annual Spring Conference

by | Wednesday, May 2, 2018 |

Coburn Supply was represented at The Women in Industry's Annual Spring Conference. It was held on April 25-27, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Savannah. Those that attended were able to network, learn, & grow with other industry professionals with similar career paths & level of industry experience.

Photographed from Left to Right:

Christy Maloney (Coburn's Director of Finance & Strategic Planning & ASA Vice Chairwomen)

Jessica Rennick (Coburn's Human Resource Manager)

Denise Champagne (Coburn's Showroom Division Manager)

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Humidity & Relative Humidity

by | Tuesday, May 1, 2018 |

Please remember as we begin our summer season that the %RH on the thermostat does not directly tell you the amount of Humidity in the home.

Relative Humidity % is the amount of Moisture in the air compared to how much Moisture the air can hold at any given temperature.

So if moisture is water (in gallons), and temperature is a bucket (in gallons) we can see the relationship.

If you have a 75 gallon bucket (75 degrees in the home) and you have 37.5 gallons of water in it, you would have 50% Moisture Relative to how much the bucket can hold.

If you lower the temperature in the home to 68 degrees (making the bucket smaller) and maintain the same amount of moisture (37.5 Gallons), the amount of moisture in the bucket relative to how much it can hold just went up to 65%.

You cannot change moisture content by increasing or decreasing temperature… it can only be changed by adding or removing moisture. This is why in most homes in the Deep South; the answer to high levels of humidity is a Whole Home Dehumidifier like the UltraAire 70H.

Contact your local Coburn's location for more information on a whole home dehumidifier.

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LA Gas Fitters Licensing Law up for amendment by the LA Heat Pump Association

by | Wednesday, April 18, 2018 |

Updated 5/17/18 Governor Edwards signed Senate Bill 482 proposed by the Louisiana heat pump Association allowing state-licensed air conditioning contractors to work on gas furnaces without having to obtain the state gas pipe fitters licensing. Those contractors that have already obtained the gas Fitters license will be able to continue under the grandfathering if they choose to continue having their employees follow the procedure set forth for training and testing. Those licensed HVAC contractors that do not intend to run gas line Beyond the unit disconnect towards the main gas meter in the home do not need to carry the gas Fitters license now. Updated 5/14/18 Gas Fitters Licencing Amendment expected to be signed by the Governor on Thursday 5/17/2018. Updated 5/10/18 There has been progress made in the Louisiana Gas Fitters Amendment, it is been passed through the Senate the House and has been confirmed by the senate committee yesterday. It is on the way to the Governor's desk for his signature now. Updated 5/8/18 The House voted 93-0 yesterday afternoon to pass the amendment SB482. There were some minor verbiage changes but nothing that changes the intent of the bill. There will be one more step for this bill prior to the Governors signature and that is the Senate concurrence on amendments. This step is expected to go back to the Senate later this week. Passage of this Bill will allow licenced HVAC contractors in the State of LA the ability to Install, Service, and Maintain, natural gas appliances and fuel connections from the outlet of the appliance shut off valve through the appliance without having to be licenced again under the Fuel Gas Fitters Licence. Updated 5/4/18 The debate of the bill has been postponed and is now expected to be heard on the house floor Monday (5/7/18). Please continue to contact your representatives and have them vote Yes on the SB 482 Amendment. Updated 4/30/18 Fuel Gas Fitters License Recent Changes to SB482 Your help is needed…Please take the time to support it Some recent changes over the weekend have shifted the date that SB482 will be debated on the House floor. The Bill is now scheduled to be debated on the House Floor May 3 2018. Now we need your help... The SB482 by Senator Riser and Representative Carmody will need your active support. Please start calling and emailing your Representatives to support what we are attempting to do. It is important to mention as it gets coded in favor to ask them to vote YES to the amendment. Updated 4/26/18 LA Gas Fitters Licensing Law up for amendment with SB 482 Proposed by LAHPA and Sponsored by Senator Neil Riser The proposed SB482 Sponsored by Senator N. Riser will go to the LA House floor for debate 5/1/18 If SB482 is passed it will allow Licensed HVAC and Mechanical contractors practicing HVAC, to work on the Natural gas appliance and the appliance connector from the outlet side of the appliance disconnect through the appliance. A LA Gas Fitters License would be required for anyone working on the pipe and fittings up to and including the appliance disconnect for the furnace. Both sides of this amendment seem to be in agreement with this version and it appears to this constituent that the bill will not meet strong opposition on the House floor. HVAC contractors, if this bill passes, will be able to continue connecting, disconnecting, servicing, and maintaining equipment, keeping intact the equipment warranty as they have done for many previous years. Vigilance must always stay top of mind of the common safety practices required on every fuel appliance service call. More as this Bill progresses. 4/18/18 LA Gas Fitters Licensing Law up for amendment by the LA Heat Pump Association Among much confusion concerning the recent implementation of the Fuel Gas Fitters licensing there have been new developments. The LA Heat pump Association introduced an amendment to the 2016 law requiring everyone who works on Natural gas appliances to obtain the the Fuel gas licensing. The proposed change to the law further defines the scope of the Gas Fitters License to that of the pipe and fittings up to and including the appliance shut off. This definition would now reestablish the HVAC contractor the ability to work on Natural Gas furnaces, including connection, disconnect, maintenance, or repair from the appliance shut off to the inlet of the appliance. The proposed amendment SB482 has passed out of the Senate 36-0 and passed the House committee yesterday and is on to the House floor soon. Please contact your representative to support the bill SB482 by Senator Riser. Also don't forget to contact his office and thank him for his support.

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