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000788-20 Lf 64l Seats T&s CAT168,000788-20,00078820,64L,16821200,671262025454
Price: $10.89

Total available: 28
T&S Brass
Mfg#: 000788-20
Item #: TSB078820
000789-20 Lf Removable Insert Cold (left Hand) For Eterna Cartridge CAT168,000789-20,000789-20,671262025478
Price: $10.48

Total available: 31
T&S Brass
Mfg#: 000789-20
Item #: TSB00078920
001032 Lf 1/2 Fine Thread Flare X 3/8 Comp Adapter CATFAU,001032,1032,
Price: $7.05

Total available: 125
Mfg#: 001032
Item #: FAU001032
002709-40 Lf Spindle Assembly Cold (left Hand) B-1100 Series CAT168,002709-40,002709-40,671262040396,270940,999000039679,16822055
Price: $43.62

Total available: 0
T&S Brass
Mfg#: 002709-40
Item #: TSB00270940
002710-40 Lf Spindle Assembly Hot (right Hand) B-1100 Series CAT168,002710-40,002710-40,671262040419,2710-40,671262040419,271040,TSB271040
Price: $43.62

Total available: 4
T&S Brass
Mfg#: 002710-40
Item #: TSB00271040
002713-40 Lf Eterna Spindle Assembly, Left Hand (cold) CAT168,002713-40,671262040471,00271340,999000039914,2713-40,271340,16822070,TSB
Price: $58.19

Total available: 77
T&S Brass
Mfg#: 002713-40
Item #: TSB00271340
002714-40 Lf Eterna Spindle Assembly, Right Hand (hot) CAT168,002714-40,671262040495,999000019334,2714-40,271440,16851720,TSB
Price: $58.19

Total available: 75
T&S Brass
Mfg#: 002714-40
Item #: TSB00271440
006009-40 Lf Eterna Spindle Assembly, Teflon Seat, Left Hand (cold) CAT168,006009-40,671262152013
Price: $54.29

Total available: 2
T&S Brass
Mfg#: 006009-40
Item #: TSB00600940
006010-40 Lf Eterna Spindle Assembly Teflon Seat Right Hand (hot) CAT168,006010-40,006010-40,671262152020
Price: $54.29

Total available: 1
T&S Brass
Mfg#: 006010-40
Item #: TSB00601040
006079-0040ap Renu Lav Stem Rh CAT119,0060790040AP,012611577970,
Price: $10.90

Total available: 62
Mfg#: 0060790040AP
Item #: A0060790040AP
006080-0040ap Renu Lav Stem Lh CAT119,0060800040AP,012611577963,
Price: $10.90

Total available: 76
Mfg#: 0060800040AP
Item #: A0060800040AP
009803-0020ap Tractline Diverter Stem CAT119,0098030020AP,012611577956,
Price: $33.47

Total available: 93
Mfg#: 0098030020AP
Item #: A0098030020AP

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