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Fibc-663 Ford Meter 6 X 7-1/2 Ss Collar Leak Clamp CAT641C,01501709,FIBC663,CLCP,FIBCP,FIBC,LCP,LCC6,LC6,
Price: $162.76

Total available: 9
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: FIBC-663
Item #: 64101709
Ufr1500-4-u Ford Uni-flange 4 Pvc/hdpe Restraint CAT641U,UFR1500-4-U,UFR15004U,UFR1500S4,CL160,64180963,64181030,GMLN,2004PV,64118512,UFR1500C4,1500N,1500,68255570,C900,RMLN,2004PV,64180958,RGN,UFR 1500-4-E3-U,UFR15004E3U,FORUFR15004E3U,
Price: $42.18

Total available: 82
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: UFR1500-4-U
Item #: FORUFR15004U
F1-370-75 Ford Meter Ford Flex 3 X 7-1/2 Ss Full Circle Clamp CAT641C,01500032,F1,F1M7,FCM7,F137075,FC7,FCM,
Price: $87.63

Total available: 32
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: F1-370-75
Item #: 64100032
Fc2w-4-l12 Ford Ultra-flex 4 Ductile Iron Wide Range Coupling CAT641C,FC2W,FC2W4L12,ORCN,UCN,BDC4,
Price: $271.13

Total available: 5
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: FC2W-4-L12
Item #: 64106620
Fbc-710 Ford Meter 6 Ductile Iron Bell Joint Leak Clamp CAT641C,01501543,FBC,FBC710,BJCP,FBCP,
Price: $208.24

Total available: 5
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: FBC-710
Item #: 64101543
Fsc-105-3 Ford Meter 3/4 X 3 Ss Snap Clamp CAT641C,01501105,FSC,FSCFM,SCFM,FSC1053,PCFM,FSCFM,FSC37,PCF,
Price: $10.36

Total available: 7
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: FSC-105-3
Item #: 64101105
S71-403 Ford Meter 4 X 3/4 Ips Brass Alloy Saddle CAT641B,01402072,64802465,A3802NF,AS71403,S71403,S71NF,BA43-342W-Q,4.500,BSN,BSNF,S71NF,
Price: $56.75

Total available: 10
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: S71-403
Item #: 64102072
Ufr1400-d-4-u Ford Uni-flange 4 Ductile Iron Restraint CAT641U,1400,UFR1400D4,64180953,BMLN,DRN,UFR 1400-D-4-E3-U,UFR1400D4E3U,FORUFR1400D4E3U,
Price: $34.36

Total available: 24
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: UFR1400-D-4-U
Item #: 64180614
S70-604 Ford Meter 6 X 1 Cc Brass Alloy Saddle CAT641B,01402163,64802283,AS70604,A3801PG,S70604,S70PG,BSPG,SN0L604,WARD,WARD II,
Price: $84.67

Total available: 69
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: S70-604
Item #: 64102163
Ufr1300-s-2-i Ford Uni-flange 2 Pvc/steel Restraint CAT641U,UFR1300S2,64180600,64180610,UFR1300-S-2-U,UFR1300S2U,
Price: $32.56

Total available: 47
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: UFR1300-S-2-I
Item #: 64181007
S71-603 Ford Meter 6 X 3/4 Ips Brass Alloy Saddle CAT641B,01402148,64802481,AS71603,S71603,A3802PF,S71PF,BSP,BSPF,
Price: $87.37

Total available: 36
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: S71-603
Item #: 64102148
Fsc-105-3r Ford Meter 3/4 X 3 Ss Wrap Clamp CAT641C,FSC1053R,FCFM,01500590,WCFM,FSCFM,FSC,FSC1053WR,WCF,64100590,
Price: $30.93

Total available: 28
Ford Meter Box
Mfg#: FSC-105-3R
Item #: 64184150

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