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Help for coburns.com | Order Template & Barcodes

The Order Templates section provides customer's a listing a products for quick ordering & checking price/quantity. A customer can have more than 1 template.

Order Templates are based on a customer's email address login.  If you have any additional users on your account, they will need to set up their own order templates.  They will not have access to templates listed on the main account holder.

If you would like Coburn's to help create Order Templates for you based on items you purchase on a regular basis, please contact your local salesperson or use the e-mail us form.

Click a link for quick access to that topic or just scroll down the page.

Order Template Link

Click the image for a larger view.

On the My Account, you will find a link in the left hand column to the Order Templates.

Product Detail Page & How to add product to Order Template

The Product Detail Page allows you to directly add a product to your default Order Template or one of your previously saved Order Templates.

Once you have found a product you want to save to your Order Template, you have 2 options:

1.) Click the button says Move To Order Template. This sends your item to the Default Order Template.
IMPORTANT: The Default is a temporary Order Template. It is not permanently saved on your account. You must save it to a previously named template or start a newly named template.

2.) Or if you have any Order Templates already saved, you can click the dropdown box and choose the template you want to save it too.

Click the image for a larger view.

Click the image for a larger view.

Order Template Saved List

Your saved Order Template List shows a listing of any templates you have named and stored.

Users have the option of:

  • Sorting the page by Name or Saved Date
  • Clicking the pencil icon to change the name of a template
  • Seeing how many items are in an order template
  • Generate barcodes that can be used with the Coburn's Connect App.
  • Deleting a template
  • Adding the entire template to a shopping cart.  This will also move over the quantity you have pre-set for each product to the cart.
  • Click on the name of a template to view the products

Order Template Detail Page

This page shows you the details of your Order Template

  • Sort by Product Description, Manufacturer or Category
  • View quantity available at all Coburn's locations, the location you are signed into, or click the Check Stock button to see how many are at each location
  • View your price for each item
  • Quickly add additional products by using the Item Number box
  • Add items to your shopping cart by clicking the check boxes then click the Move to Cart button

If you click on the product's description you will be taken to the product detail page.

Click the image for a larger view.

Click the image for a larger view.
Generate Barcodes

Users have the option to generate barcodes that can be used on the Coburn's Connect App.
Click on the Generate link next to the Order Template.

Click here for more information on using the barcodes to check price or add to cart.
Click here for more information on the Truck Stock/Warehouse Replenishment program.

On the Order Template Barcode Generator Page, it will default to the Binder/Book version of barcodes.  

If you click the customize layout check box then you will have the option to 
  • Choose the # of columns or rows
  • Set the barcode height
  • Change the name that shows on the header of your pages
  • Add a Table of Contents
  • Add a product index page

  • Click the image for a larger view.
    The above screenshot is an example of barcodes for a binder.
    You also have an option clicking the drop down box and choosing Labels/Stickers.
  • Choose which Avery product template you want to use.  
  • Pick how you want the labels to be sorted
  • Show/Hide Product #
  • Show/Hide product description
  • Show/Hide product images

  • If there is a certain Avery template you would like us to add to the options, please e-mail us
    For more information on Avery product, please visit their website at Avery.com .

    Once you have it customize, click the orange Print Barcodes. You can print it in on your local printer or print to a .pdf to save on your computer.
    Click here
    for tips on how to print to a .pdf or align your labels to print correctly.
    If you are interested in Coburn's assisting you in creating order templates with products you purchase on a regular basis, please contact your local Coburn's salesperson.

    Click the image for a larger view.
    The above screenshot is an example of barcodes for sticker labels.

    Product Disclaimer: The products represented on www.coburns.com are a sample of the products we offer. Due to the number of products available; we are unable to display all of them here. Items listed on-line are stocked items. Additional product information is available from our knowledgeable staff.