Web Order Information & Policies

Shipping / Pickup

  • Ground Shipping:
    • Item(s) may not be picked up by the Shipping Carrier on the same day of your order. This will be dependent on the location that is shipping your item(s) and the time the order is placed.
    • If you are ordering multiple items, the order will not ship out until all the merchandise is at the shipping warehouse.
    • No Ground Shipping Option showing?
      • There are some items that do not show a ground shipping option but you can email us for further assistance. We will not ship or charge your card until you have verified with us the Shipping Option in which you are interested. If you are located outside of our service area, and place an order without a Shipping Option, we will contact you by email to let you know your shipping options before we can complete the order.
  • Multiple Items on an order:
    • If you are ordering multiple items, the order will not ship out until all the merchandise is at the shipping warehouse.

  • Coburn's Truck Delivery
    • ONLY available in certain areas.
    • There may be a minimum total order that will apply.
    • Call your local Coburn's location, for information on delivery in your area.
  • Delivery Fees and Fuel Charges
    • Our locations may charge a fuel fee for delivery. You will be notified of this fee before we complete your order.

  • Customer Pick-Up:
    • If you are interested in picking up your order, be sure to choose the Coburn's location in the drop down box. If some items in your order need to be transferred from other Coburn's locations, the item(s) may not be available the same day of order. It is recommended that you contact your Coburn's store location with your order number before going to pick up.


  • If you order item(s) that are showing 0 availability on our website, we will e-mail you with information on when your order will arrive.
  • There are different situations that may occur:
    • We may transfer the item(s) from one of our other Coburn's locations. This will take a few days for your location to get the item in depending on where it is traveling from.
    • We may order the item for you from the manufacturer. Each manufacturer's lead time is different.
    • We may have the manufacturer ship you the item(s) directly. In cases such as this, we may need to quote you a different shipping option than what our website showed.
  • We will let you know your options and an estimated time frame.
  • Your order will be on hold until we hear back from you.


  • Sales Tax:
    • Sales tax will NOT be shown on the website for customers that do not have Coburn's accounts. The tax computation will depend on which location we ship to/from and will not be determined until after your order has processed. There may be an additional charge to your credit/debit card if we charge sale tax. (See Credit/Debit Transaction below).

  • Tax Exempt customers from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, or Arkansas:
    • Please make sure your Coburn's Account # is linked to your Coburn's Web Account.
    • If you do not have a Coburn's Account #, please open an account with us. You will need to provide the Coburn's Credit Department a copy of your tax certificate. You will be provided a Coburn's Account # once your account is set up.
      After you receive your Coburn's Account #, please register with your new account # here. This will ensure that any web orders placed on our website through your account # will be tax exempt.
    • If you are placing a tax exempt order BEFORE completing the above steps, in the Address notes/comments box on the final screen. Please let us know that you have sent in your tax certificate to the Coburn's Credit Department.
      Your order may be placed on hold until the Coburn's Credit Department confirms you are tax exempt.
    • If you already placed your order & did not notify us that you are tax exempt, please reply to the email confirmation letting us know you are tax exempt & you may attach your tax exempt certificate to that email.
      Your order may be placed on hold until the Coburn's Credit Department confirms you are tax exempt.

  • Credit/Debit Transaction:
    • We authorize your credit/debit card for the amount of the order.
      Your card will not be charged until the material has been shipped or picked up.
      There are some situations where your credit/debit card may be charged for more than the authorization. You may receive an additional charge for sale tax, shipping cost and/or additional items that you may have added after your online purchase was submitted. Your card will be charged for the total of the order.
      In the event an order is not picked up until after 30-days, we may no longer be able to charge your Credit Card. If you are picking it up at your local Coburn's you will need to pay them directly.

  • Credit/Debit Fraud Prevention:
    • As an extra layer of fraud prevention, Coburn Supply works directly with credit card companies to ensure the card used to place the order belongs to the purchaser. Coburn Supply may place an order on hold until the credit card company lets us know that owner of the credit card verified with them that they made the purchase. The credit card company will be contacting the card holder directly. You will receive an email from Coburn Supply if your order is on hold for verification. You may speed up the process by calling the phone # on the back of your card and letting them know that Coburn Supply is waiting for verification before the order can be shipped.
  • Return an Item:
    • To return an item, please click here to fill out the form or contact the Coburn's location that shipped your item which should be located on the invoice.
  • Cancel Order:
    • If you need to cancel an order please reply to your confirmation email letting us know you need to cancel.
    • You must do so before we ship the item(s).

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