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P1404 4 Pvc Sdr Female Adapter (swr Hubxfipt Thrd) CAT467SW,DFAN,01880870,P1404,SDRFAN,DF1404,V2104,40949,282541,SWCOA04,10089938003274,DFA4,0089938003277,622454409491,
Price: $5.93

Total available: 1503
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P1404
Item #: 46723169
P1603 3 Pvc Sdr Cap Hub CAT467SW,DCAPM,P1603,SDRCAPM,DHM,DF1603,V1403,03353,40986,282939,V1403,10089938003410,999000074715,0089938003413,622454409866,
Price: $2.38

Total available: 173
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P1603
Item #: 46712592
P1216 6x4 Pvc Sdr Reducer Bushing (swr Spgtxswr Hub) CAT467SW,DBPN,SDRBPN,46715231,DF1216,281264,40939,V2064,10089938003144,20089938005480,0089938003147,622454409392,
Price: $15.13

Total available: 148
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P1216
Item #: 46723003
P1205 4 In X 2 In Pvc Sdr 35 Dwv Adapter Bushing Solvent Sewer Spigot X Solvent Dwv Hub CAT467SW,DWDNK,DWBNK,P1205,SDRDWVBUSHNK,DF1205,46723094,V1042,40935,281444,SAB,00089938003048,10089938003045,DBNK,10089938003502,WDANK,DB42,DWVSD,0089938003048,622454409354,
Price: $11.03

Total available: 120
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P1205
Item #: 46711701
10x4 Saddle Wye Solvent Skirt X Solvent Inlet Solvent Weld CAT467SW,P2310-4,089938008876,DSY10N,0089938008876
Price: $50.65

Total available: 14
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P2310-4
Item #: PLAP23104
P179 4 Pvc Sdr Tee-cross Hxhxhxh CAT467SW,DCROSSN,DXN,P179,SDRCRCSSN,DF179,V1304,03346,40976,282848,10089938003588,DX4,0089938003581,622454409767,
Price: $18.62

Total available: 276
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P179
Item #: 46722807
P1406 6 Pvc Sdr Female Adapter (swr Hubxfipt Thrd) CAT467SW,DFAP,P1406,SDRFAP,DF1406,V2106,40952,282560,SWCOA06,10089938003281,DFA6,0089938003284,622454409521,
Price: $28.02

Total available: 622
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P1406
Item #: 46723185
P23084 4 On 8 Pvc Sdr Saddle Wye CAT467SW,P23084,SDRSADDLEYN8,DSADY8N,40786,288779,DSY8N,2000084,200-0084,DSY8N,46721910,0089938003758,622454407862,
Price: $43.17

Total available: 0
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P2308-4
Item #: 46726600
P304 4 Pvc Sdr 45 Wye Hxhxh CAT467SW,01880707,P304,SDRYN,DYN,DF304,V904,03322,40304,281543,SWY0404,10089938003861,000048,DY4,0089938003864,622454403048,
Price: $8.23

Total available: 904
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P304
Item #: 46722203
P255 3 Pvc Sdr 90 Longturn Ell Hxh (1/4 Bend Lt) CAT467SW,DLTM,01880533,P255,P-255,SDRLTM,DF255,V303,DLM,40255,10089938003779,0089938003772,622454402553,
Price: $4.97

Total available: 44
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P255
Item #: 46720405
P1004 4 Pvc Sdr 2-way Cleanout (sewer) CAT467SW,D2CON,P1004,SDR2CON,DF1004,D2COTN,V2204,03361,40350,287140,D2WT,10089938001126,D2TN,2WCO,0089938001129,622454403505,
Price: $18.17

Total available: 273
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P1004
Item #: 46721478
P204 4 Pvc Sdr 90 Short Turn Ell (1/4 Bend) CAT467SW,P204,SDRSTLN,SDRSLN,DSSLN,DSSN,46720504,DF204,V306,40214,280644,46721460,DLN,V3304,46790260,10089938003663,000246,DL4,0089938003666,622454402560,
Price: $5.59

Total available: 190
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P204
Item #: 46720587

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