How can LED lighting make the HVAC contractor a hero?

On a typical 4 ton home with can lights, it is easy to assume that 25% of the
conditioned air in the home can leak out through leaky can lights every hour.

This can easily be confused as the HVAC system not doing its job because hot
air is leaking in faster than the unit can remove it.

Over the last few years slowing down leaks throughout the home has become
the focus for Building Science engineers and auditors.

While runtime, electrical costs, equipment sizing, and efficiency are all
variables, the following scenario can be understood as viable in the Southern
United States, high heat, and high humidity market.
Lithonia Lighting
1600 sq ft 10 - 15 year old home

20 Can lights

4 ton 12 SEER system

Typical HVAC electric bill $115.20

Loss due to leaky can lights 25% or $28.80 per month

Seal the can without going into the attic with LDC6BPMW Retrofit LED lighting
from Coburn's

In addition, the electrical savings from converting the (20) 60 watt incandescent bulbs to 10.5 watt LED retrofit bulbs would be factored in at approx $14.10 per month.

$28.80 + $14.10 = $42.90 per month or about $515 savings per year.
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