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1 Flexible Pvc Coupling CAT431,FC1,1056100,FCG,RCG,
Price: $8.14

Total available: 97
Mfg#: FC1
Item #: 43190154
1 Lf 702 Telsco Reg Galv Long Coupling CAT241,GCOMPCG,GDCG,702G,01504208,2100L,C11100,084832900141,2125L,GCCG,999000051727
Price: $23.56

Total available: 100
Mfg#: 702-100G
Item #: 24100703
1 Lf 704 Telsco Reg Galv Male Adpt CAT241,GDMAG,TMAG,GCMAG,999000026248
Price: $24.35

Total available: 32
Mfg#: 704-100G
Item #: 24103004
1-1/4" Galv Dresser Coupling #65 Brand CAT650,MFGR VENDOR: DRESSER,0065-0033-003,999000308641,DRESSER BRAND
Price: $25.00

Total available: 7
Mfg#: 0065-0033-003
Item #: 61221531
1/2 Lf 702 Telsco Reg Galv Long Coupling CAT241,GCOMPCD,702D,GDCD,01504000,GCCD,702D,C11050,084832900103,2050L,24501504,C11050,C11-050,25000350,999000048705
Price: $18.22

Total available: 247
Mfg#: 702-050G
Item #: 24100505
1/2 Lf 704 Telsco Reg Galv Male Adpt CAT241,GDMAD,TMAD,GCMAD,999000024699
Price: $22.96

Total available: 71
Mfg#: 704-050G
Item #: 24102899
1/2 Ss Sdl Mc Conn Zinc .51-.62 Cor & .4-.5 Smooth CAT702,132,78524411310,078524411310
Price: $0.61

Total available: 12
Mfg#: 132
Item #: PEC132
1/2x6 Repair Clamps (rc300b-1/2) R60-050 CAT244,RC300B1/2,RC300BD,R60050,084832900806,RC300B,SSRCL12,R60-050,RCDP,RC0070,X6,FSC,FSC084X6,FSC-084X6,PC126,717510600506
Price: $13.42

Total available: 19
Jones Stephens
Mfg#: R60050
Item #: 24401002
100-0906060 Sst-9.06 X 6 Di Flange O.d. Range: 8.62-9.06, 8 Nom CAT690,1000906060,SST9066DI,MFGR VENDOR: ROMAC,PRCH VENDOR: ROMAC,
Price: $718.47

Total available: 5
Mfg#: 100-0906060
Item #: ROM1000906060
1002-1010 10 X 10 Clay To Ci Or Plastic Fernco Coupling CAT431,10021010,1002,BO1010,BOCL1010,021010,1002-1010,10016846912169,FC1010,018578002258,016846912162,
Price: $91.29

Total available: 152
Mfg#: 10021010
Item #: 43107804
1002-1010rc Fernco 1002 Rc Series For Clay To Cast Iron Or Plastic Repair Cplg CAT431,1002,10021010RC,10021010MB,10021010S,018578005648,016846912247,
Price: $146.51

Total available: 4
Mfg#: 10021010RC
Item #: 43108610
1002-1212 12 X 12 Clay To Ci Or Plastic Fernco Coupling CAT431,10021212,1002,BO1212,BOCL1212,021212,1002-1212,10016846142122,060911632,FC1212,018578001749,016846142125,
Price: $106.53

Total available: 179
Mfg#: 10021212
Item #: 43107820

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