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11/2 20 Ga P-trap L/co Cp R363 (304cp) CAT170,702,TP20CP,TP20,R363,7021,702-1,30041193005725,TPJ,041193005724,046224705291,
Price: $35.08

Total available: 72
Mfg#: 702-1
Item #: 17000423
11/2 Ips White Shallow Escutcheons CAT250,E16150,46619728,WE112,717510167504
Price: $0.82

Total available: 690
Jones Stephens
Mfg#: E16150
Item #: JONE16150
11/2 P-trap W/pvc Adapter(400ttw) CAT170,P9704BG,17000645,9704,9704-1,P9704,ZP,ZPJ,9704,6-060,P9704,10041193057164,100411930571640,10041193100563,057164,YWHLO9TQ,YWHMBGM8,999000038953,YWHMSKPI,YWHNCZMC,YWHNTT3P,P37003,P37-003,717510372038,30041193057168,400K,400W,P9704,PPT,TTJ,041193104755,046224929642,
Price: $2.71

Total available: 1678
Mfg#: P9704BG
Item #: 17073110
11/2 Tailpiece Trap Primer Dearborn CAT170,8321,TP2,041193000125
Price: $41.75

Total available: 122
Mfg#: 832-1
Item #: 17030315
11/2"x18" Nail Plate 16ga CAT345,NPJ18,1816NP6H,TNP,SG18J,
Price: $0.64

Total available: 1088
Mike Ray Manufacturing
Mfg#: 1816NP6H
Item #: 25012955
11/4 17 Ga P-trap L/co Cp R361 (301cp) CAT170,701,TP17CPH,TP17H,R361,30041193006234,301CP,041193006233,046224925095,
Price: $32.45

Total available: 8
Mfg#: 701-1
Item #: 17000498
11/4 Trap Primer Tailpiece 17 Ga Chrome Plated CAT170,8311,25042045,TPH,FLOORDRAIN,TPT,TPTH,JTP,TP1,041193000118
Price: $34.13

Total available: 318
Mfg#: 831-1
Item #: 17030310
1130 3/8 Ips Cp Steel Shallow Escut (esc5b) E02 CAT250,06401004,1100,1225,ESC5B,158102,ZC,E02375,158-102,0032888581029,LPF38,25002700,CPE38,717510223750
Price: $0.91

Total available: 37
Jones Stephens
Mfg#: E02375
Item #: JONE02375
1131 1/2 Ips Cp Steel Shallow Escut (esc1b) E0 CAT250,06401103,1226,ESC1B,158103,ZD,E02050,158-103,032888581036,084832901339,LPF12,Z12,Z12IPS,ZDIPS,25002809,ESCT03,082647147454,MATESCT03,CPE12,717510020533
Price: $0.27

Total available: 1432
Jones Stephens
Mfg#: E02050
Item #: JONE02050
1132 3/4 Ips Cp Steel Shallow Escut (esc2b) E02 CAT250,06401202,1101A,1227,ESC2B,158104,ZF,158-104,E02075,0332888581043,084832901346,LPF34,25002908,CPE34,717510027754,082647147461
Price: $0.55

Total available: 1055
Jones Stephens
Mfg#: E02075
Item #: JONE02075
1133 1 Ips Cp Steel Shallow Escut (esc9b) E021 CAT250,1101AA,1233,ESC9B,158105,ZG,E02100,158-105,032888581050,084832901353,LPF1,ES0100,25003005,CPE1,717510021806
Price: $1.45

Total available: 374
Jones Stephens
Mfg#: E02100
Item #: JONE02100
1134 11/4 Ips Cp Steel Shallow Escut (esc7b) E0 CAT250,1105,1232,ESC7B,ZH,158107,E02125,158-107,032888581074,084832901360,LPF114,25003104,CPE114,717510021851
Price: $1.55

Total available: 428
Jones Stephens
Mfg#: E02125
Item #: JONE02125

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