Hangers & Struts

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-3/8 Znic Plated Beam Clamps CATD444,CATDEV06,CATDEV99,BC38,D444,
Price: $0.86

Total available: 10
Mfg#: B351L
Item #: 444NS14248
1 1/2 Pex-a Pipe Support, 9-ft. Length CATWIR,F7041500,30673372299870
Price: $18.60

Total available: 117
Mfg#: F7041500
Item #: WIRF7041500
1 1/4 Pex-a Pipe Support, 9-ft. Length CATWIR,F7041250,30673372299672
Price: $16.85

Total available: 92
Mfg#: F7041250
Item #: WIRF7041250
1 Hinged Split Ring For Copper Tube CAT250,H73100,717510731002
Price: $6.45

Total available: 12
Jones Stephens
Mfg#: H73100
Item #: JONH73100
1 In Ips, 1-1/4 In Cts Zinc Plated Steel Clamp/epdm Rubber Pipe Clamps CAT755R,138R,138RG,G138RG,CT138RH,CT138R,H73125,H73-125,8712993826896
Price: $2.32

Total available: 70
Mfg#: CR3379035
Item #: RAYCR3379035
1 In Pvc Pipe Strap 2 Hole CAT755,E039100,PSG,CTX5133738,
Price: $0.36

Total available: 691
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: E039100
Item #: 755E039100
1 Pex-a Pipe Support, 9-ft. Length CATWIR,F7041000,30673372299474
Price: $13.13

Total available: 57
Mfg#: F7041000
Item #: WIRF7041000
1-1/2 In Ips Zinc Plated Steel Clamp/epdm Rubber Pipe Clamps CAT755R,138R,138RJ,G138R,G138RJ,8712993827145
Price: $3.03

Total available: 98
Mfg#: CR3379051
Item #: RAYCR3379051
1-1/2"x18" Fha Strap Galv 18 Ga CAT345,F18018,NP18,25014105,717510180189,
Price: $1.68

Total available: 778
Jones Stephens
Mfg#: 536-18
Item #: JONF18018
1-1/4 In Ips, 1-1/2 In Cts Zinc Plated Steel Clamp/epdm Rubber Pipe Clamps CAT755R,138R,138RH,G138RH,G138R,CT138R,CT138RJ,H73150,H73-150,8712993826902
Price: $2.84

Total available: 115
Mfg#: CR3379043
Item #: RAYCR3379043
1-1/4 Lf Wrot Copper Tube Strap CATD453,CIF120138,CISH,CISTRAPH,CATDEV05,D453,775420324240,677706472150,
Price: $0.05

Total available: 117
Mfg#: WP2420
Item #: 45302295
1/2 In Ips, 3/4 In Cts Zinc Plated Steel Clamp/epdm Rubber Pipe Clamps CAT755R,138R,CT138R,138RD,G138R,G138RD,CT138RF,H73075,H73-075,8712993826872
Price: $2.06

Total available: 185
Mfg#: CR3379023
Item #: RAYCR3379023

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