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0123482 1/2in Lfsc4 Lead Free Sillcock Faucet CAT210,0123482,098268696356,0610071,098268224818,03314663,PV63CLD,FDOMSCD,63CLD,22400436,20751400,22003701,DSCD,108003,108-003,032888080034,AHSCD,SCDR,039923601063,PV63D,M74D,J15-150,J15150,SCD,63D,22215420,206T03,SC3,1032D,22051320,032888080034,S430012,30039923601064,SC3D,22003701,30039923601125,10001601996720,70039923601123,10001602095337,10001602169765,10001602188686,10001602289796,10001602325435,SC-4,SC4D,763D,763CLD,098268696356,255LF,255
Price: $16.52

Total available: 290
Watts Regulator
Mfg#: 0123482
Item #: WAT0123482
04325lf Ez-flo Lf 1/2 Fip X 3/8 Od X 3/8 Od Ang Db Hn CAT191,04325LF,091712420989
Price: $24.51

Total available: 100
Mfg#: 04325LF
Item #: EZ04325LF
04341lf Ez-flo Lf 1/2 Brb Pex X 3/8 Od Cmp Angle CAT191,04341LF,091712428619
Price: $6.41

Total available: 50
Mfg#: 04341LF
Item #: EZ04341LF
04345lf Lf Chrome Angle Stop 1/2in Cpvc X 3/8in Od Comp CAT191,04345AB,04345LF,04345,091712426820
Price: $8.70

Total available: 32
Mfg#: 04345LF
Item #: EZ04345LF
04352lf Ez-flo Lf 5/8od1/2 Nomx 3/8 Od X 3/8 Od Ang Dbl Hn CAT191,04352LF,091712426943,ADS
Price: $19.48

Total available: 41
Mfg#: 04352LF
Item #: EZ04352LF
04353 Nlf D-w-o 5/8od X 3/8od X 3/8od 3-way Angle Stop CATD191,04353,091712043539,T587NL,CR1901LR,09171243539
Price: $5.27

Total available: 2
Mfg#: 04353
Item #: EAST04353
065366 Omb-mo1 Asc 2 24/50-60 Std CAT330WR,681344653666
Price: $539.94

Total available: 3
Mfg#: 065366
Item #: FLO065366
1 1/2 Fipt Nrs Brass Gate Valve 200# Wog CAT220RW,267AB112,670779259086,TI8J,TI8,TGVJ
Price: $35.02

Total available: 72
Red White Valve
Mfg#: 670779259086
Item #: RW267AB112
1 1/2 Lf Fipt Brass Swing Check Valve 200# Wog CAT220RW,246AB112,670779245089,TI3J,TI3,TCVJ
Price: $46.25

Total available: 42
Red White Valve
Mfg#: 670779245089
Item #: RW246AB112
1 1/2 Lf Swt Brass Ball Valve 150# Wsp 600# Wog Full Port CAT220RW,5549AB112,670779449081
Price: $50.36

Total available: 2
Mfg#: 670779449081
Item #: RW5549AB112
1 1/2 Lf Swt Brass Swing Check Valve 200# Wog CAT220RW,247AB112,670779244082,SI3J,SI3,SCVJ
Price: $46.25

Total available: 18
Red White Valve
Mfg#: 670779244082
Item #: RW247AB112
1 1/2 Swt Nrs Brass Gate Valve 200# Wog CAT220RW,268AB112,670779258089,SI8J,SI8,SGVJ
Price: $35.02

Total available: 20
Red White Valve
Mfg#: 670779258089
Item #: RW268AB112

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