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Dallas Shorty Ci Valve Box CAT686I,VB,VB165,
Price: $51.82

Total available: 112
Mfg#: VB165
Item #: 68610010
Dfw Plastics 12 X 17 Black Lid Solid CAT423B,D1200,DFW1200.1.LID,DFW12001LID,DFW,DFW1200,1200,12001LID,
Price: $14.42

Total available: 129
DFW Plastics
Mfg#: DFW1200.1.LID
Item #: 42332803
Dfw Plastics 12 X 17 Black Lid W/ Plastic Reader CAT423B,DFW1200.1R.LID,DFW12001RLID,C1200LID,DFW,DFW1200,D1200,1200,12001RLID,
Price: $15.06

Total available: 379
DFW Plastics
Mfg#: DFW1200.1R.LID
Item #: 42332783
Dfw Plastics 12 X 17 Blue Lid CAT423B,DFW1200.3.LID,DFW12003LID,WMB,
Price: $15.06

Total available: 8
DFW Plastics
Mfg#: DFW1200.3.LID
Item #: 42332850
Dfw Plastics 12 X 17 Blue Lid W/ci Reader CAT423B,DFW1200.3C.LID,DFW12003CLID,D1200,DFW,DFW1200,1200,12003CLID,
Price: $20.91

Total available: 0
DFW Plastics
Mfg#: DFW1200.3C.LID
Item #: 42332805
Dfw Plastics 12 X 17 Blue Lid W/plastic Reader CAT423B,DFW1200.3R.LID,DFW12003RLID,D1200,DFW,DFW1200,1200,12003RLID,
Price: $15.97

Total available: 517
DFW Plastics
Mfg#: DFW1200.3R.LID
Item #: 42332788
Dfw Plastics 12 X 17 X 12 Plastic Meter Box CAT423B,D1200,DFW1200.12.BODY,DFW120012BODY,DFW,DFW1200,DFWPMBBO,BBO,1200,120012BODY,
Price: $20.52

Total available: 346
DFW Plastics
Mfg#: DFW1200.12.BODY
Item #: 42332801
Dfw Plastics 17 X 30 X 18 Polymer Meter Box CAT423B,D1700,DFW1730F-18-1A,DFW1730F181A,DFW,DFW1730,1730,1730F,1730F181A,1730F-18-1A,
Price: $348.74

Total available: 1
DFW Plastics
Mfg#: DFW1730F-18-1A
Item #: 42332793
Dfw Plastics Extension CAT423B,DFW600EXT.6.BODY,DFW600EXT6BODY,DFW,DFW600,600EXT6BODY,600EXT.6.BODY,
Price: $17.01

Total available: 0
DFW Plastics
Mfg#: DWF600EXT.6.BODY
Item #: 42332760
Dfw Plastics W/ci Reader 12 X 17 Black Lid CAT423B,D1200,DFW12001CLID,DFW1200.1C.LID,DFW,DFW1200,1200,12001CLID,
Price: $20.78

Total available: 34
DFW Plastics
Mfg#: DFW1200.1C.LID
Item #: 42332772
Dfw1300.12.1r 13x18x12 Rectangular Rib Meter Box With Black Rdr Lid CAT423B,MFGR VENDOR: DFW,PRCH VENDOR: DFW,1300,1300.12.1R,1300121R,DFW1300.12.1R,DFW1300121R,
Price: $35.06

Total available: 192
Mfg#: DFW1300.1.R
Item #: 42332900
Domestic 3pc Valve Box 18 To 24in W/wtr Lid CAT686DE,4615D,461SD,
Price: $110.52

Total available: 30
Mfg#: 461S
Item #: 68631000

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