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245 D-w-o 3/4 Evaporator Valve CATD207A,245F,20690043002457,green,Lead Free,CATD207A,690043221458,20690043221452,30690043221459
Price: $6.97

Total available: 8
Arrowhead Brass
Mfg#: 245
Item #: 20751103
59abp D-w-o Self-draining Vacuum Breaker 59, Hose Thread CATD207A,59ABP,green,Lead Free,CATD207A,690043219110,20690043219114,30690043219111
Price: $13.23

Total available: 26
Arrowhead Brass
Mfg#: 59ABP
Item #: ARR59ABP
353 D-w-o No Kink Hose Bibb 3/4 Fip X 3/4 Hose Connection CATD207A,353,353,690043209128,CATD207A,690043209135,20690043209139,30690043209136
Price: $5.16

Total available: 2
Arrowhead Brass
Mfg#: 353
Item #: ARR353
355sat D-w-o Satin 3/4 Fip Hose Connection Solid Flange Sill Faucets CATD207A,355SAT,355,355S,green,Lead Free,CATD207A,690043217888,20690043217882,30690043217889
Price: $9.85

Total available: 10
Arrowhead Brass
Mfg#: 355SAT
Item #: 20751295
255bfp D-w-o Sillcock 1/2 Fip X 3/4 Hose Connection With Oval Handle, Vb CATD207A,255BFP,green,Lead Free,CATD207A,690043207933,20690043207937,30690043207934
Price: $11.70

Total available: 1
Arrowhead Brass
Mfg#: 255BFP
Item #: ARR255BFP

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