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Strp-3-20 Gastite Pipe Stripper CAT610F,840889022539
Price: $67.95

Total available: 4
Mfg#: STRP-3-20
Item #: GASSTRP320
Fsp-11-250 3/4 Flashshield+ Csst CAT610F,840889025608,FS-11-250,840889017771,GT250F,GTF250,GTF250F,GTFF250,FS250F,FSP11250,FSP11250F,11250F
Price: $5.31
Selling Unit:

Total available: 12208
Mfg#: FSP-11-250
Item #: GASFSP11250
Fsp-11-50 3/4 Flashshield+ Csst CAT610F,840889025639,FS-11-50,840889017757,GT50F,GTF50,GTF50F,GTFF50,FS50F,FSP1150,FSP1150F
Price: $5.59
Selling Unit:

Total available: 10381
Mfg#: FSP-11-50
Item #: GASFSP1150
Fsp-8-125 1/2 Flashshield+ Csst CAT610F,FS-8-125,840889017719,GT125D,GTD125,GTF125D,GTFD125,FS125D,GT12512,FSP8125,FS8125,840889025554
Price: $4.08
Selling Unit:

Total available: 21986
Mfg#: FSP8125
Item #: GASFSP8125
Fsp-16-150 1 Flashshield+ Csst CAT610F,840889025684,FS-16-150,840889017825,GT150G,GTG150,GTF150G,GTFG150,FS150G,FSP16150,FSP16150G,16150G
Price: $7.55
Selling Unit:

Total available: 8600
Mfg#: FSP-16-150
Item #: GASFSP16150
Fsp-11-125 3/4 Flashshield+ Csst CAT610F,840889025646,FS-11-125,840889017764,GT125F,GTF125,GTF125F,GTFF125,FS125F,GT12534,FSP11125F,FSP11125,FS11125
Price: $5.31
Selling Unit:

Total available: 18600
Mfg#: FSP-11-125
Item #: GASFSP11125
Fsp-16-50 1 Flashshield+ Csst CAT610F,840889025691,FS-16-50,840889017801,GT50G,GTG50,GTF50G,GTFG50,FS50G,GTG,GTP50G,FSP1650,FSP1650G
Price: $8.07
Selling Unit:

Total available: 4850
Mfg#: FSP-16-50
Item #: GASFSP1650
Fsp-8-250 1/2 Flashshield+ Csst CAT610F,FS-8-250,840889017726,GT250D,GTD250,GTF250D,GTFD250,FS250D,FSP8250,FSP250D,FS250,FS8250,840889025516
Price: $4.08

Total available: 22061
Mfg#: FSP8250
Item #: GASFSP8250
Fsp-8-50 1/2 Flashshield+ Csst CAT610F,840889025547,FS-8-50,840889017702,GT50D,GTD50,GTF50D,GTFD50,FS50D,FSP850D,FSP850,FS850
Price: $4.31
Selling Unit:

Total available: 13853
Mfg#: FSP-8-50
Item #: GASFSP850
Fsftg-8-24 1/2 D-w-o Flash Shield Straight Fitting - 1/2 Npt CATO610F,FSFTG-8-24,840889017320,FSMAD,XR2FTG-8-24,840889010031,XR2,XR2FTG824,XRFTG824,GTMAD,XRFGG-8-24,999000060639,0312994802,0312994805,61000622,GASXR2FTG8,XR2FTG8,XR2FTG-8,XR2FTG,840889010024,GASXR2FTG8,FSFTG,FSFTG8,FSFTG824,
Price: $13.48

Total available: 0
Mfg#: FSFTG-8-24
Item #: GASFSFTG824
Pecpl-16 1 Cts-coupling CATD610F,840889001381
Price: Price?

Total available: 2
Item #: STAVD610F001
Xr2cpl-16-6 D-w-o 1 Coupling Fitting CATO610F,XR2CPL-16-6,840889010475,XR2CPL166,XR2,XRCPL166,GTCG,61000970
Price: $69.80

Total available: 1
Mfg#: XR2CPL-16-6
Item #: GASXR2CPL166

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