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B-3950 Lf (3912,3916)rwv:twist,3.5x2,Adapter,No Oflow CAT168,B-3950,671262592987
Price: $114.42

Total available: 69
T&S Brass
Mfg#: B-3950
Item #: TSBB3950
B-3940 Lf (3910,3914)rwv:twist,3x2,Adapter,No Oflow CAT168,B-3940,671262621502
Price: $111.54

Total available: 9
T&S Brass
Mfg#: B-3940
Item #: TSBB3940
B-3952 Lf T&s ( B3913 , B3917 ) Lever Waste Drain CAT168,B3913,671262593007,B3952,B3917,D20,TSD,TSS,TSBS,TSB
Price: $93.24

Total available: 55
T&S Brass
Mfg#: B-3952
Item #: 16800930
B-0230-ln T&s Brass Polished Chrome Ada Lf 8 Centerset 2 Hole 2 Handle Bar/prep Faucet CAT168,B-0230-LN,671262002691,B0230LN,16800126,671262002691,B230LN,B230LN,16800123,B-230-LN,B230LN,B0230LN,16800126,671262002691,B230LN,B230LN,16800123,TSBB230LN
Price: $192.31

Total available: 75
T&S Brass
Mfg#: B-0230-LN
Item #: TSBB0230LN
B-0231 T&s Brass Ada Pc Lf 8 Centerset 2 Hole 2 Handle Kitchen Faucet CAT168,B0231,999000059911,B231,WMF,TSB,671262002721
Price: $220.72

Total available: 63
T&S Brass
Mfg#: B-0231
Item #: 16800131
B-0305 T&s Brass Polished Chrome Ada Lf 1 Hole 1 Handle Bar/prep Faucet CAT168,B-305,671262003544,B-0305,B0305,B305,TSB
Price: $146.63

Total available: 4
T&S Brass
Mfg#: B-0305
Item #: TSBB305
B-0300 T&s Brass Polished Chrome Ada Lf 1 Hole 1 Hole 2 Handle Bar/prep Faucet CAT168,B-300,671262003483,B300,B-0300,B0300,TSB,B301,B-301
Price: $255.00

Total available: 5
T&S Brass
Mfg#: B-0300
Item #: TSBB300
B-0231-cr T&s Brass Polished Chrome Ada Lf 8 Centerset 2 Handle Bar/prep Faucet CAT168,B-0231-CR,671262653985
Price: $235.58

Total available: 9
T&S Brass
Mfg#: B-0231-CR
Item #: TSBB0231CR
017670-45 Lf Waste Drain Installation Tool CAT168,017670-45,671262723879
Price: $14.23

Total available: 7
T&S Brass
Mfg#: 017670-45
Item #: TSB01767045
B-2711 T&s Brass Polished Chrome Ada Lf 4 Centerset 2 Hole 1 Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet 2.2 Gpm CAT168,B-2711,671262246644,B2711,16851652,SLLF
Price: $116.78

Total available: 31
T&S Brass
Mfg#: B-2711
Item #: TSBB2711
B-0969-rk01 Lf T&s Brass Vacuum Repair Kit CAT168,B-0969-RK01,671262175234,B0969RK01,999000061474,TVBK,16804090,TSBB969RK01,TSVBK
Price: $32.31

Total available: 27
T&S Brass
Mfg#: B-0969-RK01
Item #: TSBB0969RK01
000372-40 Lf 24" Riser CAT168,CPNC24,TSN,3-R,3R,003R,MFGR VENDOR: T&S,PRCH VENDOR: T&S,671262023856
Price: $52.79

Total available: 1
T&S Brass
Mfg#: 000372-40
Item #: 16821100

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