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When it comes to HVAC tips and tools, Coburn’s has you covered. Use this resource hub to explore our available HVAC products and services, access educational videos and resources or learn more about training opportunities near you.

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HVAC Resources


Explore our collection of calculators that were made with HVAC maintenance and support in mind.
Also available on the Coburn's Connect App.

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Tech Tips

Boost your knowledge of HVAC maintenance, calculations, standard operations and more with our archive of technical insights and work tips.

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Technical Charts

Charts and checklists for common HVAC troubleshooting and maintenance protocols. Some files may be interactive and must be opened on desktop to function properly.

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Our archive of informational and tutorial videos for HVAC maintenance and troubleshooting skills.

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Jobsite Sheets & Warranty Forms

Downloadable sheets for recording jobsite information or processing warranty claims for replacement parts. Must be opened on desktop.

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Education & Training

Visit Coburn's Education & Training courses for information on HVAC classes available in your area.

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Featured HVAC Brands

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Refresh Your Airflow with ADP

The Advanced Distributor Products multi-position evaporator coil offers a premier upgrade for any system over standard matched coils. Each coil is uniquely designed to ensure optimal quality—all while delivering reliable ratings you can feel.

  • Special A-coil design for balanced airflow
  • Microban® technology
  • Anti-mold and anti-mildew features
  • Work with a variety of applications
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High Efficiency, Multi-Zone Comfort

The highly versatile Multi GEN2 systems, featuring GREE’s G10 inverter-driven compressor and eco-friendly R410A refrigerant, are among the most innovative ductless split heat pumps available today. Our advanced G10 Inverter technology gives you maximum efficiency to reduce your energy consumption.

  • High Efficiency Power (Up to 21 SEER2)
  • Heat & Cool Up to 5 Zones
  • 5 Unique Indoor Unit Options
  • Ideal for Residential & Commercial Spaces
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Meet the Next Generation of ECM

The next generation of Azure® ECMs is here. Featuring integrated Bluetooth control and high-efficiency variable speeds, these Mars motors easily outperform and replace other motors—saving you time and money in upgrade and future maintenance costs.

  • Bluetooth control
  • Multi-horsepower with dual voltage
  • 4 speeds with 625 RPM constant fan mode
  • High efficiency of 85%
  • Belly band mount
  • Intuitive app with easy-to-use interface
  • Plug & play design
  • Adjustable torque options
  • Time & money savings from performance

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