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TOTO Pro Tools

Learn more about using, maintenancing and installing specific TOTO products with this online education database designed for professionals.

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American Standard Resources

Working with an American Standard product? Explore detailed technical literature and get the specifications you need to get the job done right.

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Delta for Professionals

Empower your business and stay updated on the latest products with professional resources, technical training, and tools offered by Delta.

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Sloan Resources & Downloads

Explore product marketing images, technical downloads, pricing sheets and product literature for all your favorite Sloan products.

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Moen Literature Center

Working with Moen products? Get up to speed with product catalogs, style guides, pricing sheets and more in their Literature Center.

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InSinkErator Literature Center

Make every InSinkErator project simple with detailed product specifications, warranties and user manuals at your disposal (no pun intended).

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Charlotte Dimensional Catalogs

Want to start your plumbing project off right? Access in-depth dimensional guides to every Charlotte product using their online catalog database.

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Watts Resources

Be the smartest person in the room with product specifications, resources, training and world-class support for any Watts product.

Elkay Learning Center icons

Elkay Learning Center

From how-to guides and sales manuals to product inspiration, take your knowledge of Elkay to the next level with these online educational resources.


Featured Plumbing Brands

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Premier® Water Heating Is Here

Say goodbye to your old way of heating. Designed with iCOMM™ Smart Connectivity and new anti-leak features, the Premier® AL Smart Hybrid Electric Heat Pump from State is the smart choice for any modern homeowner.

  • Anti-leak technology
  • UEF Rating up to 4.02
  • Up to 78% cost reduction for heating water
  • Smart anode rod that adapts to local water conditions
  • Works efficiently down to 37° F
  • Backup heating elements for high-demand usage
  • Easy installation size and features
  • Multiple operating modes for convenience
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Reinforcement You Can Rely On

Series LF009 reduced pressure valve assembly backflow preventers block the reverse flow of liquids from backpressure or back siphonage in a plumbing system where potential health hazards exist. The compact modular design makes this series easy to install in tight spaces. Plus, with single-cover, top-entry design, you always have convenient access for maintenance.

  • Sensor on relief valve for flood detection, sizes 1/2 to 3 IN
  • Flood alert feature available with add-on connection kit, compatible with BMS and cellular communication
  • The valve body for 2 1/2 and 3 inch sizes shall utilize a coating system with built in electrochemical corrosion inhibitor and microbial inhibitor
  • Extremely compact design is easy to install and service
  • Large body passages for low pressure drop
  • Captured springs for safer maintenance
  • Screwdriver slotted ball valve test cocks
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Bring Home the Touchless Experience

Ready for an elevated, hygienic bathroom? The EZ Flush Sensor Retrofit Kit is the easiest touchless upgrade for any handle-operated water closet or urinal flush valve. With quick installation, this kit reduces waste by replacing only the handle instead of the entire flush valve—saving materials, cost and time.

  • On-demand flushing with mechanical manual override
  • Touchless infrared sensor activation
  • Gear-driven operation
  • Side-mount design for quick installation
  • Four C-size batteries included
  • Optional 24-hour line flushing to minimize stagnation
  • Chrome-plated metal finish
  • ADA compliant

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