Wall & Yard Hydrants

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14cp4 Freezeless Wall Fct W/metal Handle 1/2x4 CAT208,03314705,WDF14CP4,999000040750,067109009570,067109009860,6710900957,671090009572,20801008,FPH,FPN,671090011360,30671090011361
Price: $29.82

Total available: 56
Mfg#: 14CP-4-MH
Item #: 20801007
22cp Freezeless Hot & Cold Wall Faucet 4 Inch, Metal Handle CAT208,22CP4MH,22CP-4-MH,671090075935,20671090075939,30671090075936
Price: $109.11

Total available: 2
Mfg#: 22CP-4-MH
Item #: WOO22CP4MH
24p 1/2 Polished Chrome Hose Bib W/tee Key W/vac Breaker CAT208,90050455,24P,6710907479,671090074716,24PD,LKD,671090074792,30671090074793
Price: $69.56

Total available: 25
Mfg#: 24P1/2-PC
Item #: 20850455
24pd 1/2 Rc Wall Faucet W/wheel Hdl,Tee Key,Vac Breaker CAT208,WDF24PD,20801932,999000055357,20801610,6710907471,20801610,24PD,671090074716,LKD,PRCH VENDOR: ESP,30671090074717
Price: $54.43

Total available: 84
Mfg#: 24P1/2
Item #: 20801924
466-04lf Arrowhead Arrow-breaker Anti-siphon Frost-free Hydrant 1/2 Swt Or 1/2 Mip Lead Free 4 CAT207A,466-04LF,690043466606,466-04,690043218106,466-04BCLD,46604,466,486BFP,AFP4,AFP,ARR46604BCLD,46604LF,690043466620
Price: $40.79

Total available: 17
Arrowhead Brass
Mfg#: 466-04QTLF
Item #: ARR46604LF
5-1/4 O/l Traffic Repair Kit CAT645,B-84-B,B84B,
Price: $172.65

Total available: 2
Hydrant Repair Parts
Mfg#: B-84-B
Item #: 64599254
5509qt-sap J.r. Smith 3/4 Or 1/2 Non-freeze Box Wall Hydrant W/ Vb CAT424JR,5509QTSAP,JRS,5509,5509QT,5509QT-SAP,WALL HYDRANT,727753234369,
Price: $345.33

Total available: 4
J.R. Smith
Mfg#: 5509QT (-SAP)
Item #: 42460055
5519-sap J.r. Smith 3/4 Or 1/2 Non-freeze Wall Hydrant CAT424JR,5519SAP,MFGR VENDOR: SMITH,PRCH VENDOR: SMITH,727753399198,
Price: $437.71

Total available: 6
J.R. Smith
Mfg#: 5519 (-SAP)
Item #: 42414868
Arrow-breaker Anti-siphon Frost-free Hydrant 1/2 Mip Or 1/2 Swt Quick Turn Lead Free 6 CAT207A,46606QTLF,690043466651
Price: $41.81

Total available: 6
Arrowhead Brass
Mfg#: 466-06QTLF
Item #: ARR46606QTLF
Arrowhead Anti-siphon Frost Free Hydrant 1/2 Swt Or 1/2 Mip Lead Free 6 CAT207A,426-06LF,690043463728,426,42606,42606LF
Price: $38.25

Total available: 1
Arrowhead Brass
Mfg#: 426-06LF
Item #: ARR42606LF
Arrowhead Hot & Cold Anti-siphon Frost Free Hydrant 1/2 Swt Or 1/2 Mip Lead Free 4 CAT207A,496-04LF,690043470245,49604,496-04,690043205816,496,4964,496BFP4,green,Lead Free,FPH,49604LF
Price: $126.44

Total available: 16
Arrowhead Brass
Mfg#: 496-04LF
Item #: ARR49604LF
Arrowhead Self-draining Anti-siphon Frost Free Hydrant 1/2 Swt Or 1/2 Mip 2 Lead Free CAT207A,486-02LF,690043471051,486-02,690043205052,486,48602,48602LF
Price: $42.83

Total available: 14
Arrowhead Brass
Mfg#: 486-02LF
Item #: ARR48602LF

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