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Education & Training Courses

Coburn's Education Courses

Courses, locations and times are subject to change without notice.
Please contact your local Coburn's location or the company hosting the courses to verify.

"It [Rick's video] is well done and easy to understand. Every residential HVAC contractor in our area should see this. It clearly shows how to handle humidity and would save them a lot of grief concerning environmental problems that are not caused by the HVAC system."
~ James Ellis with Ellis Engineering

Thanks again Mr. Rick [Kincel] for another informative and educational class. The simple ways you have shown us how to retrieve and to use this vital information in our diagnosis of an issue at a service call will save us time and money, not to mention call backs.
~ Paul D.

"Rick Kincel's Air Flow, Duct Calculator, & Air Properties class is very informative and beneficial to all HVAC dealers and designers. It is presented in an engaging manner and guaranteed to provide numerous tips to improve your bottom line and increase your knowledge."
~ Paul LaGrange

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Ruud Inverter System
Tuesday October 17, 2017
The Inverter Systems course is designed to educate the technician on air conditioning and heat pump systems that utilize inverters and inverter driven compressors. Taking a systems approach the training covers electronic expansion valves, pressure transducers, inverter theory, and inverter operation. The training explains in great detail the sequence of operations, system installation, and diagnostics.
Training mandatory to install products.
To Register:  Contact George Thomas
Where:    Holiday Inn & Suites (WolfChase)
4751 New Brunswick Rd.
Memphis, TN  38133
When:    Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Hours:    8 am to 12 pm
Workbooks:    Yes
Student Fee:    $50

Ruud 80% Gas Furnaces
Thursday October 19, 2017
The 80 Percent Gas Furnace training program explores the many aspects of installing, servicing, and diagnosing single and two-stage 80 percent gas furnaces. Installing procedures discussed include application, combustion air requirements, general venting guidelines, LP conversion, twinning, set up, and commissioning. Service and maintenance procedures include, sequence of operation (single and two-stage), key components, proper component diagnostics, and component replacement guidelines.
To Register:  Contact George Thomas
Where:    Hampton Inn
1910 S. College Rd.
Lafayette, 70508
When:    Thursday, October 19, 2017
Hours:    8 am to 12 pm
Workbooks:    Yes
Student Fee:    $50

Coburn's HVAC Training - Fall 2017
Understanding Humidity Issues & Size Kitchen Hood Makeup Air
HVAC Trainer Rick Kincel will provide the HVAC contractor with valuable information in understanding air and its properties. Many technicians understand how the HVAC works but don’t understand what it really does to the air and how it affects comfort. Students will receive a dry erase 11 x 17 Psychrometric chart to use in class and later on the jobsite to identify if their systems are actually operating the way they were designed. Also HVAC contractors are now being held responsible to size the Makeup air for Kitchen Hoods over 400 CFM. Newer hood exhaust air quantities are being rated at 1000, 1200, or even larger causing the home to go into a negative pressure and have the HVAC contractor wondering why his AC is not working. This class will give the contractor a tool to size the Makeup air properly with a Loose, Tight, All electric, Natural Gas, Foam, or Stick construction home and the problems that will happen if you guess the sizing wrong. A must attend class for any HVAC personnel, Owners and Service Technicians.
Contact your local Coburn’s Salesperson to register, or for more info. All class will begin at 9:00 am and are about 4 hours long.
3 Lake Charles
4 Lafayette
5 Eunice
6 Houma
10 Harahan
11 Covington
12 Baton Rouge
13 Gulfport
23 Lufkin
25 Tyler
26 Longview
27 Shreveport
31 W Monroe
1 Tupelo
2 Memphis
6 Hattiesburg
7 Jackson
8 Alexandria
9 Beaumont

Coburn's HVAC Training - Fall 2017
Nortek Gas Furnace Training
This comprehensive course gives an in-depth look into our 80% and 92 % AFUE G7 furnaces, as well as our 80% and 95% two stage G7 furnaces. We will cover different components of these furnaces as well as how to identify specific problems while troubleshooting. Parts covered include the single-stage control board, the igniter and PSC indoor blower motor. At the end of this class technicians will have the fundamental knowledge to install single and two stage G7 furnaces and will also be able to identify the various components of single and two stage G7 furnaces.
Contact your local Coburn’s Salesperson to register, or for more info. All class will begin at 9:00 am and are about 4 hours long. Class fee for food & training material is $75 per student
Instructors for this course will be; Nortek Technical Services Manager Doug Priestley And Coburn’s Tech Services Jody LaPoint
6 Tyler, TX
7 Longview, TX
8 Ruston, LA
9 West Monroe, LA
13 Houston, TX
14 Beaumont, TX
15 Lake Charles, LA
16 Lafayette, LA
17 Hammond, LA
27 Greenwood, MS
28 Tupelo, MS
29 Memphis, TN
18 Jackson, MS
19 Hattiesburg, MS
20 Gulfport, MS
21 Harahan, LA

HVAC Tech Tips & Technical Charts

  • Visit this page to find a listing of Rick Kincel's Tech Tips & Charts. It contains downloadable .pdfs.

Foam Home Basics: 'Southern Built Homes' 2017 Video

Visit the link above to view a video of Rick Kincel's class. These are the discussed topics.
  • Home construction over the years
  • Home pressurization problems
  • Exhaust fans
  • Ventilation Sizing
  • Psychrometrics of Ventilation
  • Sweating of ductwork
  • Air Change per Hour, Natural vs Mechanical
  • Importance of Equipment sizing
  • Importance of Ventilation
  • Effects of Ventilation
  • Dehumidification
  • Carbon Monoxide Issues

State Water Heater University

Continuing Education for Master & Journeymen Plumbers

  • Note: This is offered by MPS Plumbing & Training. You must contact them directly for more information.
  • For current information visit: mpsplumbingandtraining.com

Plumbing Apprenticeship School in Lafayette

  • Note: This is offered by Acadiana Plumbers Association, Inc. You must contact them directly for more information.
  • For current information visit: acadianaplumbersassociation.com/