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274-5 1-1/4 Brass Dwv Flush Adapter Female Solderedxslip Joint Threaded CAT451S,274-5,739236501356,B55004,B55-004,717510550047,MRH,JONB55004,MR114,MARVEL
Price: $6.86

Total available: 2
Mfg#: 274-5
Item #: SIO2745
672x0490 Manifold 4 Port 3/4 Pex Barb X Clsd CAT451S,672X0490,739236480323,QM4,QM,10739236480320
Price: $22.19

Total available: 35
Sioux Chief
Mfg#: 672X0490
Item #: SIO672X0490
274-6 1-1/2 Brass Dwv Flush Adapter Female Solderedxslip Joint Threaded CAT451S,274-6,739236501363,B55005,B55-005,717510550054,MRJ,JONB55005,MR112,MARVEL
Price: $6.94

Total available: 111
Mfg#: 274-6
Item #: SIO2746
630wg248 Ell 4x8 1/2 F1960 Stubout No-lead CAT451S,630WG248,630WG248,739236404633,SCSOD,SCS0D,WSOD8,LF2865050,673372232326,Q2865050,Q2865050,WSOD,WSOLD,WISL,WIL,WISLD,WCSLD,WSLD,30673372119734,119156,121204,120015
Price: $8.97

Total available: 1291
Sioux Chief
Mfg#: 630WG248
Item #: SIO630WG248
622-l08 1/2 Type L Copper Stubout Elbow Solderedxspin Closed CAT451S,SOLD8,SOD8,SOL8,10739236401387,10739236401493,739236401496
Price: $3.75

Total available: 419
Sioux Chief
Mfg#: 622-L08
Item #: 45197500
274-7 2 Brass Dwv Flush Adapter Female Solderedxslip Joint Threaded CAT451S,274-7,739236501370,B55006,717510550061,MRK,JONB55006,MR2,MARVEL
Price: $7.06

Total available: 68
Mfg#: 274-7
Item #: SIO2747
672x0390 Manifold 3 Port 3/4 Pex Barb X Clsd CAT451S,672X0390,739236405050,QM3
Price: $19.01

Total available: 26
Sioux Chief
Mfg#: 672X0390
Item #: SIO672X0390
842-82pt 2 Pvc Sch 40 Drain Body Tapped For Trap Primer Fipt X H CAT451S,FA-2,SCHIER,10739236326260,739236326263
Price: $10.20

Total available: 11
Sioux Chief
Mfg#: 842-82PT
Item #: 46619701
672x0399 Manifold 3 Port 3/4 Pex X 3/4 Pex CAT451S,672X0399,739236405067,QM3,QM,10739236405064
Price: $18.45

Total available: 47
Sioux Chief
Mfg#: 672X0399
Item #: SIO672X0399
672x0599 Manifold 5 Port 3/4 Pex X 3/4 Pex CAT451S,672X0599,739236405135,QM5,QM
Price: $26.19

Total available: 0
Sioux Chief
Mfg#: 672X0599
Item #: SIO672X0599
672x0499 Manifold 4 Port 3/4 Pex X 3/4 Pex CAT451S,672X0499,739236480125,QM4,QM
Price: $22.30

Total available: 7
Sioux Chief
Mfg#: 672X0499
Item #: SIO672X0499
842-84pt 4 Pvc Sch 40 Drain Body Tapped For Trap Primer Fipt X H CAT451S,FA-4,D52453,84284PT,842-84PT,J4B,SCFA,JB4,10739236326468,739236326461
Price: $15.30

Total available: 31
Sioux Chief
Mfg#: 842-84PT
Item #: 46619703

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