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8 Pvc-dwv Cap Hub CAT464L,D1608,089938006261,WH8,WCAP8,0089938006261
Price: $73.05

Total available: 4
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: D1608
Item #: PLAD1608
P106 6 Pvc Sdr Straight Tee Hxhxh CAT467SW,DSTP,01880996,P106,SDRSTRTP,DF106,280065,V806,40106,280065,SWT0606,0089938002904,622454401068,
Price: $29.64

Total available: 6
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P106
Item #: 46722609
P1210 4x3 Pvc Sdr Reducer Bushing (swr Spgtxswr Hub) CAT467SW,DBNM,P1210,SDRBNM,DF1210,V1143,40933,281238,0089938003086,622454409330,
Price: $22.17

Total available: 4
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P1210
Item #: 46715108
P16010 10 Pvc Sdr S.c. Cap CAT467SW,DCAP10,SDRCAP10,EC1610,40995,282910,SWCAP10,P16010,DH10,P16010,PLAP16010,0089938009699,622454409958,
Price: $103.07

Total available: 2
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P16010
Item #: 46712717
G156 4 Pvc Gsk Sdr Sanitary Tee Gxgxg CAT467GJ,01872027,GJMN,GJCOMBN,SDRGCOMBN,GDF156,43156,480244,SDRGTN,SDRGJTN,SDR35,G156,GJYN,0089938000269,622454431560,
Price: $25.39

Total available: 18
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: G156
Item #: 46730305
G606 6 Pvc Gsk Sdr Coupling Gxg CAT467GJ,GJCP,SDRGCP,GDF606,63643,481861,SDR35,G606,GCP,0089938000801,089938000801,
Price: $37.54

Total available: 1
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: G606
Item #: 46731287
E039100 1 In Pvc Pipe Strap 2 Hole CAT755,E039100,PSG,CTX5133738,
Price: $0.36

Total available: 500
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: E039100
Item #: 755E039100
G30104 10x4 Pvc Gsk Sdr 45 Wye Gxgxg CAT467GJ,GJY10N,GJY1010N,46731025,SDRGY10N,GY1004,43311,486513,Y1004,SDR35,L30104,GY10N,0089938008968,622454433113,
Price: $209.30

Total available: 17
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: G3010-4
Item #: 46731014
P1716 6 Pvc Sdr 221/2 Street Ell Sxh (1/16 Bend St) CAT467SW,D22STP,P1716,SDRST22P,DF1716,V716,03351,40866,284562,0089938003512,622454408661,
Price: $25.29

Total available: 12
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: P1716
Item #: 46721452
H30128 12"x8" Pvc Gsk Sdr 26 Hd 45 Wye Gxgxg CAT467GJ,H30128,SDR26,0627347114117,622454672543,
Price: $633.26

Total available: 2
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: H3012-8
Item #: 46734142
10 X 10 45 Degree Wye Gxgxg CAT467GJ,G3010,GJY10,SDRGY10,GY1000,43308,481510,Y1010,SDR35,L3010,GY10,46731063,0089938017991,622454433083,
Price: $404.46

Total available: 0
Plastic Trends
Mfg#: G3010
Item #: PLAG3010
10 X 4 Sanitary Tee With Dwv Branch (t-y) Gxgxdwv H CATD467GJ,
Price: Price?

Total available: 8
Mfg#: L19104
Item #: STAVD467GJ151

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