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1-1/2 Pvc Dwv Flush C/o Plug Mpt CAT464,P110-015,P110-015,054211909270,61194203305
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Total available: 98
Mfg#: P110-015
Item #: SPEP110015
21/2 X 1 Lf Pvc Sch 40 Bushing S X S CAT462,PBLG,04684,30290,10054211133481,20054211133488,46212858,054211163139,039923133489,39923133489,
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Total available: 11
Mfg#: 437-289
Item #: SPE437289
3/4 Cts Cpvc Female Adapter With Gasket Soc X Fip CAT463NF,F-602,LEW39300,4135-007OR,CF-0750-S,KBICF0750S,VFAF,054211170298
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Total available: 105
Mfg#: 4135-007OR
Item #: SPE4135007OR
3 X 1 Lf Pvc Sch 40 Bushing S X S CAT462,PBMG,04687,30230,10054211133627,20054211133624,46213039,PB31,054211192139,039923133625,39923133625,054211133620,61194210356,
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Total available: 8
Mfg#: 437-335
Item #: SPE437335
4 Lf Cpvc Sch 80 Fem Adpt Sxfpt CAT463S,V80FAN,10668372175428,10054211175429,20054211175426,46323094,MFGR VENDOR: SPEARS,PRCH VENDOR: SPEARS,835-040C,054211175422,
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Total available: 2
Mfg#: 835-040C
Item #: SPE835040C
1 X 1 X 3/4 Cts Cpvc Reducing Tee Soc CAT463NF,H-708,LEW36423,MFGR VENDOR: SPEARS,PRCH VENDOR: SPEARS,CR-332-S,CR-332-S,KBICR332S,4101-130,054211161159
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Total available: 13
Mfg#: 4101-131
Item #: SPE4101131
Coupling Lf 2 Cts Cpvc CAT463NF,K-201,LEW31700,4129-020,CC-2000-S,VCK,KBICC2000S,054211107553
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Total available: 0
Mfg#: 4129-020
Item #: SPE4129020
1-1/2 X Cl Lf Pvc Nipple Tbe Sch 80 CAT471N,886-005,054211119631,054211191088,
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Total available: 21
Mfg#: 886-005
Item #: SPE886005
838-129 Lf 1 X 3/8 Sch 80 Pvc Bushing S X F CAT471,10054211157906,20054211157903,47132832,P8FBGC,P80FBGC,039923170842,
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Total available: 49
Mfg#: 838-129
Item #: SPE838129
Elbow Lf 1 1/2 45 Cts Cpvc CAT463NF,J-501,LEW33600,MFGR VENDOR: SPEARS,PRCH VENDOR: SPEARS,4117-015,CW-1500-S,V45J,KBICW1500S,054211744185
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Total available: 16
Mfg#: 4117-015
Item #: SPE4117015
Elbow Lf 1 1/4 45 Cts Cpvc CAT463NF,I-501,LEW33500,4117-012,CW-1250-S,KBICW1250S,054211744178
Price: Price?

Total available: 20
Mfg#: 4117-012
Item #: SPE4117012
Bushing Lf 1 1/2 X 1 1/4 Cts Cpvc CAT463NF,X-804,LEW40650,MFGR VENDOR: SPEARS,PRCH VENDOR: SPEARS,4137-212,CB-54-S,VBJH,CPVC BUSHING,KBICB54S,054211107416
Price: Price?

Total available: 36
Mfg#: 4137-212
Item #: SPE4137212

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