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Qer4x F1960 Pex Expansion Ring W/stop 3/4 CAT470PEX,QER4X,084169117304,ZERF,84169117298
Price: $0.30

Total available: 2839
Zurn Industries
Mfg#: QER4X
Item #: ZURQER4X
Qepc33x F1960 Cr Polymer Coupling 1/2 Ex Pex X 1/2 Ex Pex CAT470PEX,QEPC33X,084169118738,ZECD,84169118714
Price: $0.96

Total available: 723
Zurn Industries
Mfg#: QEPC33X
Item #: ZURQEPC33X
Qepc44x F1960 Cr Polymer Coupling 3/4 Ex Pex X 3/4 Ex Pex CAT470PEX,QEPC44X,084169118769,ZECF,84169118745
Price: $1.22

Total available: 575
Zurn Industries
Mfg#: QEPC44X
Item #: ZURQEPC44X
Qer3x F1960 Pex Expansion Ring W/ Stop 1/2 CAT470PEX,QER3X,084169117298,ZERD,84169117281
Price: $0.15

Total available: 3124
Zurn Industries
Mfg#: QER3X
Item #: ZURQER3X
Qer5x F1960 Pex Expansion Ring W/ Stop 1 CAT470PEX,QER5X,084169117311,ZERG,84169117304
Price: $0.64

Total available: 146
Zurn Industries
Mfg#: QER5X
Item #: ZURQER5X
Qepc55x F1960 Cr Polymer Coupling 1 Ex Pex X 1 Ex Pex CAT470PEX,QEPC55X,084169118776,ZECG,84169118752
Price: $1.90

Total available: 30
Zurn Industries
Mfg#: QEPC55X
Item #: ZURQEPC55X
Qq975gx Lf Xl Brass Sweat Adapter - 2 Male Sweat X 2barb CAT470PEX,QQ975GX,084169020604,ZPSAK,84169020604
Price: $55.33

Total available: 16
Zurn Industries
Mfg#: QQ975GX
Item #: ZURQQ975GX
Qqc76gx Xl Brass Coupling 1 1/2 Barb X 1 1/4 Barb CAT470PEX,QQC76GX,84169014849,84169012449,ZURQQC76DZX
Price: $20.67

Total available: 0
Mfg#: QQC76GX
Item #: ZURQQC76GX
Qq1050gx Xl Brass Sweat Adapter - 2 Female Sweat X 2 Barb CAT470PEX,QQ1050GX,QQ1050GX,084169014931,84169014931
Price: $58.05

Total available: 3
Mfg#: QQ1050GX
Item #: ZURQQ1050GX
Qqt886gx 2x2x1-1/4 Tee Barb CAT470PEX,QQT886GX,084169115560,84169115560
Price: $106.51

Total available: 7
Mfg#: QQT886GX
Item #: ZURQQT886GX
Qqt773gx Lf Xl Brass Tee - 1-1/2 Barb X 1-1/2 Barb X 1/2 Barb CAT470PEX,QQT773GX,084169020680,84169020680
Price: $29.55

Total available: 26
Mfg#: QQT773GX
Item #: ZURQQT773GX
Qq900gx Lf Xl Brass Sweat Adapter - 1-1/2 Male Sweat X 1-1/2barb CAT470PEX,QQ900GX,084169020345,84169020345
Price: $27.91

Total available: 28
Mfg#: QQ900GX
Item #: ZURQQ900GX

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