An American Standard® Showroom that Keeps It All in the Family

It was 1934 when Coburn Supply Company founder Albert J. Coburn heard opportunity knock a second time. Three years earlier he’d gone to work for a newly opened plumbing supply distributor in Beaumont, Texas after the stock market crash of 1929 put an end to his contractor business. Coburn approached the plumbing supply distributor to buy its materials on consignment, after hearing they would be closing their doors, and Coburn Supply Company was born.

Today Coburn’s corporate offices in Beaumont, Texas and 50 branch locations, warehouses, and showrooms in 40 cities in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee still practice the company philosophy of treating customers and employees like family – the philosophy instilled by its founder. The way they continue to carry this out is by striving to add value to the customer experience each and every day. One important way Coburn’s has found to better serve their customers is to seek relationships with quality vendors and innovative manufacturers that provide exceptional products – like American Standard®.

Coburn’s also embraces change in the marketplace by being equipped to conquer challenges so it can better position itself for success. It was one of the first companies in the industry to take advantage of the new era of technology in the 1960s by using a computerized NCR system to review products and purchase in volume. The technology at the time cost $200,000 – the equivalent of $1.5 million today.
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