Humidity & Relative Humidity

Please remember as we begin our summer season that the %RH on the thermostat does not directly tell you the amount of Humidity in the home.

Relative Humidity % is the amount of Moisture in the air compared to how much Moisture the air can hold at any given temperature.

So if moisture is water (in gallons), and temperature is a bucket (in gallons) we can see the relationship.

If you have a 75 gallon bucket (75 degrees in the home) and you have 37.5 gallons of water in it, you would have 50% Moisture Relative to how much the bucket can hold.

If you lower the temperature in the home to 68 degrees (making the bucket smaller) and maintain the same amount of moisture (37.5 Gallons), the amount of moisture in the bucket relative to how much it can hold just went up to 65%.

You cannot change moisture content by increasing or decreasing temperature… it can only be changed by adding or removing moisture. This is why in most homes in the Deep South; the answer to high levels of humidity is a Whole Home Dehumidifier like the UltraAire 70H.

Contact your local Coburn's location for more information on a whole home dehumidifier.

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